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  • The service of attention to the public in the municipal dependencies will be exclusively by telephone attention

from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.,

from Monday to Friday (96-551.31.23)

 email: benasau@benasau.es

Electronic office: https://benasau.sedelectronica.es


  • If any elderly neighbor, with some kind of functional diversity or reduced mobility needs help to stock up on food or to go to a medical visit, they can contact the City Council by phone

965 51 31 23.



“Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, approved on March 17 by the Council of Ministers, provides for the prohibition of suspending, among others, the supply of water to vulnerable, severely vulnerable consumers or those at risk of social exclusion. Once it ends the alarm situation, users who have not been able to face the receipt due to being in a vulnerable situation should contact their City Council “



“From the Mare de Déus dels Lliris Hospital it is reported that the supply of medical supplies for health personnel is guaranteed. However, any DONATION that you want to make must be followed with the following guidelines:


1º.- The management of donations is centralized in the Benasau City Council.

2º.- Donations should be only from companies and entities, and be unopened. At the moment, donations from individuals are not accepted.

3º.- Try to move the material to the Town Hall with the least possible personnel. For these purposes, you can directly contact the staff of the City Council.

4º.- To make the donation delivery, you must contact us by phone 96 551 31 23 or email benasau@benasau.es «

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Benasau Population Act

Benasau (Benasau)Town of the Province of Alicante, judicial party of Cocentaina.
This town was abandoned, because its inhabitants were all Moriscos, and their expulsion was decreed at the beginning of the 17th century. This LETTER OF POPULATION, is original, and is due to the Repopulation ordered by its territorial lord the Duke of Medinaceli.
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Carrer Major, 40, 03814 Benasau

Telf:  965 51 31 23

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